Next Board Meeting is Scheduled for January 16, 2018 

The 2018 Board would like to be transparent on the cost associated with running the League. Below is a budget breakdown of costs associated with the Spring 2018 Season . We want to show everyone where every dollar we collect for registration goes to manage your League. Our Concessions is a big part of making up the difference that registration fees dont cover. Without concession sales, Are registration fees would have to almost double.  

$12,000 estimated Collection Based on a 130 girls Roster at $92 each ($95 minus fees)

Breakdown of cost associated with the Spring Season:

  1. Jerseys $21 ea=$2730 (costs per Jersey $16, Socks $5)
  2. Umpires $30/35 per game est 160 games = $5600
  3. Concession Stand Management $120 a week x 10= $1200
  4. Background Checks 12x10 coaches= $120
  5. Sanction Fees $300
  6. Tourney fees 10 teams at $150= $1500 for only one tourney $3000k for 2
  7. Balls equipment $800 per season
  8. All Star Tourneys (5 teams at $200ea= $1000) x 2=$2000
  9. Required Annual Park Insurance $1400 Annually ($700 for each season)

         $16,450 estimated Spring Cost, Registration covers $12,000 based on a 130 girl league, with a  $4,450 deficit that needs to be gained by Concession Sales, Donations and or Sponsorships to break even.